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Weekend Rest 04:06
Weekend Rest You packed up your things and headed out. I said don't forget a thing or I'll just throw it out What you do with your self well, that's no business of mine. I don't care what you do with your life cuz it's not mine When you left it was a Friday night To dead to walk I didn't even put up a fight Now that you're gone maybe I can get me some rest You can stay out all night and do what you do best Don't. No don't hold on. It's time to get away from every thing. It's time for you to move along. You burn through life just like your cigarettes. Always said big things were coming but they haven't happened yet. When the smoke clears up and your liquor runs out. Maybe you'll finally get what I've been talking about. When you came back home it was a Monday night. Bruised up bloody beaten-down you were quite a sight. I've told you once but I'll tell you again. I don't want to be your lover your soul-mate or even your friend.
Access Granted Please Enter I ain't quite sure where hell is but I know we're on our way people have been crying out that its the end of days War has broke out the streets people over running police rioting and looting has spread across the seas we're gunning in our homes trying to make it through one last stand because people brought the violence upon their fellow man The earth is cracking heavy and the storms are growing strong the weather people have no idea what's going on violence has increased due to overwhelming deceased and the Hurricanes take out all those who refused to leave the Ground splits open in the flames sure rise high the armies of the underground have come to claim our lives the Armies of the underground have come to destroy mankind.
life and death of George Close your eyes when you're ready to die. Will anyone remember you will anyone cry? When you give your body back to the earth. Ashes spread along the dust and the dirt. You're dying thoughts, well they're almost gone. Regrets apologies memories hell they don't belong. The days are going on while you're left behind. The sun will rise again but it'll never shine. Your heart only beats when you're living a lie oh my, into the sky here we go. No one will find you there. When the truth comes out you'll be all alone. No woman to hold in your arms no kids of your own. Punishment for the life that you've lived. Always first to take but never to give. Your heart only beats when you're living a lie oh my, into the sky here we go. No one will find you there. And after the storm clears and the clouds move on by raining on somebody else no one will think of you. No one will ever think of you.
Paper Swan 03:09
Paper swan So many thoughts burn through my head but I can't put any to words. The lines on the paper are laughing at me they taunt and stare till it hurts. All I need is a friend that no one can see no one in this world besides me. Everything is distracting it's so hard to take I stare at the things on my wall. One is a hen that I treasure the most but nature didn't want her at all. All I want for me is to swim in the sea to remember what she meant to me. The love that I have most won't understand sometimes it's not what it seems. But I'll just keep living one day at a time try to figure out what this all means. All I need is a friend that no one can see no one in this world besides me. All I want for me is to swim in the sea to remember what she meant to me.
Lift me from the sea The gods seem to be angered by the actions of my past But they don't seem to grasp that I've been working on that Their soldiers of fortune are hot upon my trail And I am just the train that they plan to derail. They're coming after me with the wrath of the sea Drowning I can't breathe In the clutches of the water But I try to swim harder Try to swim towards the sky But I know I'm gonna die as I sink to the bottom And the salts of my tears combine with the salts of the ocean Mother's and daughters, father's and their sons Have all felt a loss due to the barrel of my gun. The smoke from the chamber crawls against my skin As the bullet silences a member of their kin Can't get a hold of me Cus I have come to far Can't shackle my wrists and lock me up behind bars. The only way to end me should a done it from the start is if they find a way to get a grip on my heart The salts from my tears combine With the salts of the oceans
Split This Egg in Half I lay awake, with thoughts of decisions I have made. Not hard to see the troubles in my eyes. Try to escape, from the failures that I always seem to take. So I let the moment pass me by. Don't act surprised. You know from the moment we laid eyes. The picture slowly Grew, It's like the painter ways knew That the rivers of blood in our veins, Would someday grow the same. I saw the start of the wrath unleashed upon your heart, and I wiped the tears from your eyes. Filled with regret. Of the fear of the words that could be said. So I let the moment pass us by. The painting gets more clear as its colored through the years Of the future we will know, Of the future of our home. And all of our dreams Were made to be seen From the moment that we met, Until the time after our death.
Lost in the sand Big city lights in these desert nights. Fortunes can come and go with a hand. But when it's all gone it's never coming back. It's all lost, lost in the sand. I'd like to know how hard it's been. To look at yourself every day. Where do you go when it all sinks in. Where do you go When you've lost everything. So pick your mountain and be on your way. Follow the sun it's the only thing that's real. And those feathers there no angels wings, they are the vultures waiting for their next meal. Now that I'm lost and I can't find my way. Now that I'm gone won't you let me lay. I'm resting my eyes down to sleep. All for my soul, my soul to keep. The rest you can keep.
Icarus Had It Easy I once lived in a city made of clouds but the rain came falling down and washed my house away. I'm falling now, I'm crashing towards the earth and I know it's gonna hurt. That's when I heard some children say. Are you an angel? No sadly it's just me. I'm falling so fast that I can barely breathe. My body's on fire the grounds zooming in. Tho that's just the start it will soon all end. Cus I once lived in a city made of clouds but the rain came falling down and washed my house away. Then I fell down, and crashed o to the earth and lord knows that it hurt. Someone ran to me and sand. Are you OK You just fell out the sky. Did you forget that you needed wings to fly? No sir I need you to call an ambulance, and when they ask how tell them that I said this. He once lived in a city made of clouds but the rain came falling and washed his house away. Then he fell down and crashed into the ground and it made a mighty sound then his eyes, they slipped away.
Another one More (Bartender) Leave your troubles at the door when you come in This place is not a place to unload all your sin It's not a house of God but some say that he comes around sometimes I'm no preacher I don't want to save your soul I am just here to make sure that your drinks are cold It's a job I do so I can get my bills paid on time I don't want to hear Your problems here Wash away the tears With another beer All night long I hear the stories that they tell About a better time when they were young and well They had it all but now they're just a bunch of drunken fools But when my shift ends I go to the other side To have one before the road before I take a drive All I know is I don't want to end up on that stool
BoomBox (Ghetto Blaster) This ain't anything that you haven't heard before, just different renditions of the same four chords. With eyes gloomin blue and a voice soft and sweet, it's what you wanted to hear at least that's how it seems. And thats when shit gets weird. But I'll give you my heart, yes I'll give you my soul. Place it on a disc to be packed and sold. Like a bruised courtesan and pimps calloused hand, the more unfeind it is the less in demand. And thats when shit got weird. Sometimes it's just best to play like the rest. I guess if there's less it's easy to digest. And after centuries of music that's been heard, it's not that absurd if a song reoccurred This ain't anything that you haven't heard before, but you eat it right up and keep asking for more. But maybe some day you'll end up having kids, and you'll hear them listening to a song like this. And thats when shit gets weird.


First full-length album from
Lawn Mower Death Riders
Ian Stewart
Nathan Stewart
Marshall Lytle
Rob Sherwood


released March 28, 2015

Ian Stewart - Vocals Guitar Banjo
Nathan Stewart - Vocals Mandolin Guitar
Marshall Lytle - Bass
Rob Sherwood - Drums

Featuring Ian Clark (fiddle)
Kevin Kilfeather(Guitar)
Scott Thompson (Percussion)
All Songs Written by The Stewart Family.
Recorded by John Kiehlbauch at Naked City Audio
Artwork by Brock Frabbiele


all rights reserved



Lawn Mower Death Riders Nevada

Lawn Mower Death Riders is an alternative country band from Las Vegas, Nevada and formed by two brothers, Ian and Nathan Stewart. Using influences from various genres ranging from old time mountain music to punk rock the band conjure up a powerful and unique acoustic sound. In 2014 Marshall Lytle and Rob Sherwood. They graced the GC047 vinyl comp, and in 2015 released their debut album!

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